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Pat McCarthy  Guitar

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"These incredibly talented and engaging musicians present a varied programme, with the very best of jazz and swing, ranging from 1930’s classics to the new generation of modern jazz hits. Seamlessly interwoven with effortless delivery and a few anecdotes, this is a perfect way to relax and enjoy an evening of the sweetest sounds, coolest ‘Standards’ and all that jazz."

“The most talked about gig of the week.” John Holland – Lincoln Jazz Festival

"World Class" - Humphrey Lyttelton describing Pat McCarthy on his radio show

Karen, from Creative Arts East commented:

"A new company to our scheme, but when I came across this band I was hooked straight away and I am very keen to bring them to Norfolk and Suffolk... With beautiful, effortless musicianship matched with a fabulous performance style, you are guaranteed a great evening."

"This is superb music that manages to pull off that difficult trick of having a broad appeal whilst still satisfying the jazz connoisseur."

Gill Wilde - Jazz Promoter of the Year

“ Shannon is a vocalist of exceptional quality. Her work with Pat McCarthy, one of the UK’s leading guitarists, has been a great success."

Mike Gordon Scarborough Jazz

Jazz Journal Interview with New York based Piano/Vocalist Daryl Sherman


My inspiration to come to the UK this time was a combination of playing in Somerton, Somerset for my friend Roy Copeland's 87th birthday, and to return to Grimsby to reunite with the go-to-guitarist Pat McCarthy. Maybe a year ago, Pat e-mailed me to say he'd been busy song writing. He sent me a couple of things, and immediately on seeing the title Let's go Live in a Lighthouse, I was intrigued and gave it a listen. The melody was kind of catchy and the lyric so wistful and charming; 'Every stair leaves a care behind us as we climb.'  There's another line; 'As you look down from the window, shading your eyes with your hand, you'll see three words I have written, from my heart in the sand.' The song has been one of the hits of the tour, and found it's way onto an album I've recorded for a Japanese label.

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