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Pat McCarthy  Guitar


All lessons are tailored to suit individual students. From strumming a few chords to advanced jazz improvisation, I am more than happy to help and guide you towards your goal. I am also a firm believer in teaching the music you want to play, whether it's heavy metal, folk, jazz, blues or pop you will progress a great deal faster if you are playing the music of your favourite bands. Lessons are usually an hour long or half an hour for younger children. Some of the more advanced students travel considerable distances and prefer to book longer lessons on an appointment basis. Parents of younger children are welcome to sit in during lessons, although many prefer to take a walk on the local beach. In recent years, the opportunity to take grades has become available to rock and pop players. Many of my students have chosen to take grades but the choice is yours. It is often a requirement for those who wish to go on to college or university to study music. I have recording facilities for students who want to record their GCSE pieces or would just like to make a simple demo. I also have a current DBS (CRB) certificate.

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