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Fish tales
Alan Barnes, Pat McCarthy Octet with Josie Moon

'Fish Tales' is a jazz suite written by multi award-winning reeds master Alan Barnes and talented guitarist/composer Pat McCarthy, with poetry written and performed by Josie Moon. The octet features trumpeter Martin Shaw, trombonist Mark Nightingale and saxophonist Gilad Atzmon. Grimsby Jazz commissioned Alan Barnes to create a suite of original jazz pieces based on the history of the Grimsby Fishing Industry. Alan asked Pat to contribute themes, which he arranged using his customary skill and good taste. The project features the poet, Josie Moon on half of the tracks and paintings featured in the booklet by Dale Mackie.

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Josie Moon                   Poetry/recital

Martin Shaw               Trumpet/flugalhorn

Gilad Atzmon              Soprano/alto/bass clarinet

Dean Masser               Tenor/clarinet

Alan Barnes                 Alto/baritone/clarinet/flute

Pat McCarthy              Guitar

Dave Green                  Acoustic bass

Sebastiaan de Krom  Drums/percussion

Recorded at Master Chord studios Jan 2017

Fish Tales toured the UK in 2017 and was universally well received.  It was recorded by the BBC at the Herts Jazz Festival and broadcast in its entirety on Radio 3’s Jazz Now programme on Christmas Day 2017. 
‘A tribute to the history of the Grimsby fishing fleet, this project was a true collaboration between the poet Josie Moon and the band—and in particular, guitarist Pat McCarthy, who composed half of the tunes.  Josie Moon’s poetry was characterized by shifting patterns of impressionist and allusive imagery, together with remarkably vivid, near-tactile depictions of the terrifying beauty of the sea, the gruelling labour, loneliness, danger and camaraderie of the fisherman’s life.’ 

© J. Whitman, 16th October 2017 Wakefield Jazz


Original painting by Dale Mackie

Engine Room - Unknown Artist
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Witches in Eggshells - Unknown Artist
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Deadly Catch - Unknown Artist
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